Wonderful review for My Father’s Prostitute

We just received our 30th 5 star review (out of 41 total on Amazon.com).  I am truly humbled every time I read one of these great reviews. As an author, it is incredibly rewarding to read such wonderful words. Thank you to each and every person that takes the time to leave a well thought out review!

“I’ve given five stars for one of the bravest memoirs I’ve ever read. Courage comes in many forms. Writing and publishing a book about childhood abuse, particularly sexual abuse from a parent must have been one of the hardest things for this author to do. Thank goodness for people who can write about such deeply personal and hurtful relationships with twisted parents, who instead of nurturing and loving a child choose to inflict their selfish perverted desires on them. I cried for this little boy who couldn’t feel safe in his own room or home. There is no doubt that this well written account will have helped other readers who have suffered in a similar way but may believe that they are the only ones; unique in their experiences. As readers we are drawn into this very moving account and have to read on hoping for respite and a positive outcome for the author. Without giving too much away, the author does forge a successful life for himself, but there are difficulties and hardships along the way.”