Cover Wars!


OK, so one of the things I do as an author to try and get my book in front of people is sign up for sites that seem like they will give a decent return for the money.  There are a TON of sites out there that promise you the moon in exchange for your hard earned marketing dollars, but which ones are any good?  It seems to be hit or miss really.  However, over at I purchased their site submission package the other day.  I’ll be honest and tell you I haven’t seen any sales as a result, but I did unexpectedly get entered into their weekly Cover Wars.  How it works is they offer up 5 book covers and people vote for their favorite (you can vote once per day – hint hint).  The book with the most votes by Sunday at 9PM (not sure of the time zone) gets featured as “Book of the Week”.  What does that mean?  I have no idea!  What I do know is that My Father’s Prostitute: Story of a Stolen Childhood has been selected as one of those 5 books for this week, and I would really love it if you would take the time to visit and click on my cover. 

Thanks a million!



One thought on “Cover Wars!

  1. Great to have you in our Cover War this week. Cover Wars is a great way we cross promote and gain exposure for books. Book Of The Week gets even more visibility as it will be on every page for one week, sent out in our newsletter, and shared on multiple social media platforms. We wish you all the best and thank you for mentioning us.

    Author Shout

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